Livestock loss to bear that broke into village barn

by Paul White

WARNING: The following post contains graphic images of livestock that were killed by a bear. 

This incident took place on the night of November 2nd 2018 when a bear broke through a garden fence, a livestock pen and then through a barn door to access the livestock inside. Initially seven goats were found to be missing and the incident was immediately reported to the authorities. The owners of the property left a small gate open to the garden and three of the goats returned the following day.

The property is situated on the periphery of the village next to an unsurfaced access track to the forest. There was one chained German shepherd dog present in the anterior garden with the chickens, but the dog did not have access to the rear garden where the goats were. The goats were enclosed in the barn with the door shut and secured with a latch. During the day the goats are unlocked and can enter an outer pen via the barn door.The rear garden is fenced, but this had been broken by the bear.

The outer pen had also been breached and the door to the barn had a panel missing but the latch was still secured. Two of the goats were half eaten, and a third was found injured and had to be destroyed. On the track next to the broken fence intestines were found and the contents were spread across the grass.Bear scat was found in close proximity to the intestines.