Transylvanian Insect Life

by Paul White

The forests and meadows in Transylvania are absolutely buzzing with insect life. It just seems that every flower has an insect on it just waiting to be photographed! Because these environments are not exposed to weed killers and insecticides there are many species that I have not seen before. We are looking for assistance in identifying these insects, so if you have a special interest then please join in with our project!

Oak Spider
1. Latin name: Aculepeira ceropegia
Common name: Oak Spider
Information supplied by: Craioveanu Cristina
Cross reference: 1 + 2

Transparent Burnet moth
2. Latin name: Zygaena purpuralis
Common name: Transparent Burnet moth
Information supplied by: Debi Heath
Cross reference 1 + 2

Heath Fritillary
3. Latin name: Melitaea Athalia
Common name:Heath Fritillary
Information supplied by: Dale Sutton
Cross reference

Marbled White
4. Latin name: Melanargia Galathea
Common name: Marbled White
Information supplied by: Dale Sutton
Cross reference

Information Required - Contact:
5. Latin name:
Common name:
Information supplied by:
Cross reference:

Common Blue
6. Latin name: Polyomattus Icarus    
Common name: Common Blue
Information supplied by: Dora Anderson - Matt Rowlings - Cristina Craioveanu
Cross reference 

7. Latin name: Argynnis pandora
Common name: Cardinal
Information supplied by: İnanc Doganay
Cross reference

Red Longhorn beetle
8. Latin name: Stictoleptura rubra
Common name: Red Longhorn Beetle (Female)
Information supplied by: Adrian Ruicanescu
Cross reference

9. Latin name: Mantis religiosa
Common name: Praying Mantis or European Mantis
Information supplied by: Ginny Battson
Cross reference

10. Latin name: Simyra albovenosa
Common name: Reed Dagger
Information supplied by: Marc Bulte
Cross reference: 1 + 2

Oil of Blister beetle
11. Latin name: Meloe ?specie
Common name: Oil or blister beetle
Information supplied by: Lisa Stuart
Cross reference

Mating Cockchafers (May bugs)
12. Latin name: Scarabaeus melolontha
Common name: Cockchafer or May bug
Cross reference

European Stag Beetle (Lucanus cervus)
13. Latin name: Lucanus cervus
Common name: Stag Beetle
Cross reference

Five-spot Burnet moth
14. Latin name: Zygaena trifolii
Common name: Five-spot Burnet moth
Cross reference