Dog sellers of Campulung

by Paul White

On a drive drove over the mountains to Pitesti we came across a dog seller near Campulung. It is a hard life for the many shepherds during the long winter months and all manner of selling goes on to eek out a living in this often harsh environment. This shepherd was selling Carpathian Shepherd puppies. There was a lot of interest from passing motorists, and I was hoping that someone living in a city apartment didn't buy one. They look very cute and cuddly but I'm not sure these passing admirers knew what size they would eventually grow to. On this particular day there was only one seller, but on warmer days there are usually several. I can understand why the shepherds do this, as any extra income is welcome, but I just hope the puppies will be cared for properly and given plenty of room to roam to remain healthy and happy.

Dog sellers of Campulung

We also came across shepherds that slaughtered a pig at the side of the road. They had just dismembered the body of the pig and the entrails thrown to the sheep dog.

Slaughtered pig on side of road

Dog eating entrails of slaughtered pig

Even though there was snow everywhere it felt pleasantly warm with the sun reflecting on the snow. Some great views were to be hand only a couple of miles from Bran castle!

Mountains on route to Campulung