The Village Blacksmith

I think it's wonderful how many of the old traditions survive in Ozsdola. Miklos my neighbour is a blacksmith and there's always a cart or two parked in front of his house. Today I decided to pay him a visit to see him at work forging steel and shoeing a horse. Just like stopping for a tyre change at a garage, villagers stop with their horses for shoe replacement.

Ozsdola on a winters morning

Miklos fitting horse shoe

Miklos forges the shoe for the horse. Once he's satisfied that it fits, he then nails it into position.

Village blacksmith fitting horse shoe

Miklos fitting horse shoe

Smoothing down after new shoe fitted

He then clips the nails and smooths them off with a file.

Miklos preparing the next shoe

Miklos is very organised with his tray of tools, everything he needs for the job.

Horse being harnessed after new shoes fitted

When finished the villager lead his horse out of the yard and re-harnessed it to the cart.

It was fascinating watching Miklos at work. Working the bellows by foot and shaping the metal effortlessly, you can see that he has been doing this work for many years.