Harai Istvan - The Inventor!

by Paul White

Istvan is a physics teacher by profession and he has designed this amazing heating system that runs on sawdust. It heats a large family home and heats the water as well.

Harai Istvan with his sawdust burner heating system

To the left of the photo above you can see the hopper which is filled with sawdust in the morning. One hopper full is required per day to heat the house during the subzero temperatures of winter. Istvan acquires his sawdust from a local sawmill, which just goes to show that nothing at all in the village is wasted.

Sawdust burner - Heating system

The fan at the bottom of the burner is driven by a 12V car battery and is thermostatically controlled.

Sawdust hopper - Heating system

Sawdust is simply fed into the top of the hopper by the sackful.

Sawdust hopper - Heating system

At the bottom of the hopper is a chain pulley system which drives a finned shaft which slowly rotates feeding sawdust into the burner. The speed of the feed is determined by the temperature in the house and is thermostatically controlled.

Sawdust burner mechanism - Heating system

Sawdust burner - Heating system

Fan for sawdust burner heating system

Fan to draw in a high volume of air through the sawdust burner.

Harai Istvan in sawdust store

Istvan has a separate storage area for the sawdust.