Kitten rescue at Dracula castle

by Paul White

We decided to stay in the village of Bran (location of the infamous Dracula's castle) for a couple of nights, but all our plans during our stay there changed after a chance meeting with a kitten. I was photographing the castle when we heard a big commotion caused by three dogs desperately trying to enter an unoccupied compound. They were attempting to dig under the gate, so we went over to investigate. It soon became apparent why they were so desperate to get in. Only two metres away was a scared little kitten only weeks old with no siblings or a protective mother. We shooed the dogs away and then waited to see if Mum would return.


We waited patiently hoping the little kitten would return home, but after an hour observing him from a park bench we knew that he was alone. The next problem was retrieving him from a locked compound as the house was derelict and the surrounding fence chained. A young local boy saw us and asked what we were doing. After explaining the kitten's predicament he scaled over the fence and retrieved him for us.

Bran castle

Our next task was to find something to put him in. I had a collapsible shopping basket in my Land Rover and with a blanket and newspaper to line the inside, made a perfect bed. I was going to leave him in the Land Rover overnight, but the owners of the hotel insisted we brought him inside. After gulping down some milk he was soon asleep and never woke until morning. He must have been exhausted after such a traumatic day, but at least it ended well.

Putyika - Kitten rescue at Dracula's Castle!

The next day we started thinking of a name for him. Vlad is the strongest contender so far!

Update - One year on! - Well we eventually agreed on the name Putyika, and look how much he has grown. He certainly looks like a cat that should be patrolling Vlad the Impaler's castle!

Putyika the panther cat!