Overlanding with Dogs

John and Emma are on their overland shakedown trip of Europe before taking on the African continent! At the moment they are exploring Eastern Europe and after leaving us will be travelling through the Balkan states to the coast of Croatia. From there they will be making their way back to the UK to work for a few months building up their finances for their big overland adventure quest later this year.

Emma, John & dogs relaxing in garden

Emma catching up on her emails

Travelling with dogs is a lot of fun and Mutley and Charlie have been excellent companions and good guards at the same time! However, they have to keep the dogs with them most of the time as it is far too hot to leave them inside the Land Rover and there is not always enough shade to keep them tied up outside. Due to the obvious restrictions Emma and John have decided not to take Charlie and Mutley with them to Africa. Their other concern is that they both might end up as lunch on the African plains! Anyway, Foxy  enjoyed the company and we had some great  evening walks when it was much cooler.

Dog walking above Ojdula

One of our nice long walks took us along the rim and then down into an extinct volcanic crater of St Anna's lake. This is a spectacular location with great views across the crater and forest beyond. Our walk zigzagged down through the forest to the waters edge giving the dogs a great run with a refreshing drink from the lake, reputed to be one of the cleanest in Europe. This usually quiet place was the scene of an annual festival when we arrived, so there were far more people than we were expecting!

St Anna Lake - Dog walking

Mutley with his long hair was suffering somewhat in the heat so it was decided that he needed a haircut! He was a little restless at first, but with a little sweet talking from Emma he soon settled down and seem to enjoy the massage like experience!

This was before.

Mutley before hair cut

And this is Mutley's stealth like appearance after!

Mutley after his hair cut!

John noted a few problems with his Land Rover before joining us, including an oil leak from the nearside hub swivel housing, which had started to contaminate the brake disc. John is not a mechanic by trade but has a good understanding of his vehicle, so ordered the parts and posted them to us in advance of his arrival. The package arrived by courier in good time, and John was able to get on with the job soon after arrival.

John replacing hub seal

John replacing hub seal

Fortunately for John and Emma, they came at the time of the annual Ojdula weekend festival. They had a great time listening to local bands, eating & drinking, meeting the locals, and all  finished off with a wonderful firework display!

Emma & Laura

Luci & John

Emma and John used to work in the restaurant trade in Spain, so were used to cooking outdoors in fine weather! Here John is cooking up the biggest local sausages I have seen in a very long time. All very nicely prepared with salad and jacket potatoes wrapped in tin foil also cooked on the open fire.

John cooking

Emma & Laura