Motorcycle touring in Transylvania

Motorcycle overland travellers are regular visitors of ours. A popular retreat with a secure fenced garden for camping, with a large well equipped garage for running repairs and servicing. BBQ area and wi-fi availability all help to make for a comfortable stay.

Jon and Angharad (known as Harry for those like me that cannot pronounce Welsh names!) are on a 6-week tour taking in both western and eastern Europe, raising money for charity.

Pista, Angharad & Jon

During their stay here in Ojdula, Jon and Angharad wanted to meet local people and get a taste of their way of life. As usual my neighbour Pista baci (R.I.P) was more than happy to oblige! Not only did they get to see the animals but they met them face to face.

Angharad & Jon with Pista's sow and piglets

Piglets in Ojdula

Pista's goats with Angharad

Iren makes wonderful Vinete, a traditional sandwich spread made from aubergines. First they are cooked on coals, then the skin is stripped off and the inner contents are prepared with onion, salt, egg yolk, mustard and oil to make a delicious paste, ideal on local potato bread.

Cooking Vinete

Here Jon and Angharad are driving along a dirt track to visit a local hill village close to the Vrancea Mountains.

Angharad & Jon riding to Icafalau

Angharad & Jon in Icafalau

The motorbikes were prepared by Jon a mechanic who has years of experience fabricating expedition equipment for such trips. I must admit the frame support and panniers looked to be very sturdy and well made. Our visitors were a constant source of amusement for the neighbours children and they were both happy to show them around their motorbikes. If they were really lucky they got to sit on them too!

Pista, Szilvike & Jon

After a good breakfast cooked on the smallest petrol stoves I have ever seen, they packed and prepared to leave. However, before making it to the gate, my neighbour Zsolt brought them some fresh tomatoes straight from the garden! They then departed for Cheile Bicazului a spectacular gorge further north.

Angharad, Zsolt & Jon