Filming in Transylvania

Thrillseekers Guide in Transylvania - Travel Channel - Ben was making a documentary film for the Thrillseekers Guide on the Travel Channel in the Hasmas mountains in Harghita county. He requested my involvement which turned out to be a fantastic experience full of adventure. The only issue was the lack on snow in the valley where the dog sled team of six Alaskan Malamute were to be run with the sled. This is unusual for this time of the year, but Ben made the most of what we had as was on quite a tight schedule.

Thrillseekers Guide - Travel Channel

Mariana Vrabie and Constantin Grosu of the Lonely Stone kennel were our hosts and it was obvious to see the great love they had for their dogs which were well cared for and in great condition.

Malamute Dogs Pulling Sled - Transylvania

After preparing our equipment we set off following the dogs which were really excited and pumped up. Once the brakes were off they pulled away at  an incredible pace.

Malamute Sled Dogs - Transylvania

Ben obviously relished his job and was full of enthusiasm for his subject. He wanted shots from every angle and at speed. This also gave me my first ever opportunity to take a dog sleigh ride which I have to say was amazing. Sitting close to the ground and watching the scenery flash by gives you the impression that you are travelling far faster than you actually are. You soon feel the cold and it is easy to see why the traditional Inuit are always seen well wrapped up in furs. Today however, the dogs enthusiasm and excitement was infectious and the cold was soon forgotten.

Thrillseekers Guide - Travel Channel